Green Global Trading LLC helps clientele with the best-in-class consumer products services which include retail/wholesale distribution, commodity trading and private labelling. We provide valuable insights to our customers to enhance the performance double fold. Our top-notch solutions are implemented in the following areas:


We are your consumer goods partner. Thus, it is our core responsibility to increase productivity through proper location, channel, products based on the current trends. Our expert team aligns the products according to area and channel to retain intentional customers. Our products are always monitored to prevent inventory shrinkage and improper managing.

We understand what is needed to bring success in retail distribution. Our professionals serve the clients with an obsession, constant examining of products for better execution, determination to improve capabilities. Our unique approach to make things happen is what our clients like the best in us.

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Benefits of exporting food items

Distribution Trade

Green Global produces results and not reports! With over 15 years of experience in supporting clients, we develop and implement customized solutions for a long term impact. We provide growth and ultimate profitability when your business needs a revival. Regardless of your business establishment in a region, we provide a distribution of consumer goods that blend deep industry knowledge and top-notch analytics. Enter the market with our products and attain a long lasting long-lasting

Choose us for a wide range of products ranging from food items, cleaning and hygiene products and be the leader in trade.


Green Global LLC is a consumer goods commodity trading company that brings marketers, food producers, investors and many more together to promote profit and sustained trading of consumer goods.

We combine advanced analysis of established consumer goods that include food items, cleaning and hygiene products with our producers and traders to market. With years of experience in the consumer goods platform, we bring a unique way for commodity trading. This improves profits for the investors and producers while keeping the quality at its best.

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Green Global provides our customers with private labelling services of products that take you to the next level. We make the process quite simple and hassle hassle-free immediately. We have an expert team of designers to work with your custom label products that reach the audience.

Our private labelling includes creating a logo, label, package developing for your business. Our professional team helps you develop a product brand with our products that speak your brand. 



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